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UKSOL is a professional and well respected private investigator and blogger who boasts over twenty-five years experience within the private detective business. Help is accessible in the most highly trained and proficient private detectives UK can present, offering you private investigator service knowhow to do good for your specific situation. When UKSOL receive your call you'll be helped by a learned and knowing private investigator who will discuss your requirements and them provide a reasonable and workable option for you. Our private investigation services at UKSOL are performed by specialised expert privat e detectives in the UK, who can discuss all the options available to really you to truly obtain the results that you need.We consider that the function of the private detective or private investigator is just one of gathering evidence as opposed to that of solving crimes which is important to know that all our private investigators detectives work within the law providing valid proof.Our highly skilled and knowledgeable UK investigators are trained to a high standard within our business and are most usually from Military Special Forces and Police backgrounds, giving them a professional perspective which goes above and beyond just finding the job accomplished. You could be surprised to know that UKSOL not only employs male detectives but also many females who carry out the same functions while the men.A UK private investigator who's a woman can be very busy and in great demand, this might be because there are not as many women within the trade as men or possibly in some occupations an undercover woman detective is needed, for example, an investigation into larceny at a women only gym or changing area. Diversity is a precious asset and at the most famous investigator UK can advocate, UKSOL, we of age, sex and culture loaded private detectives and private investigators can walk into any scenario, in any community and merge perfectly. A good-quality camera is easily the most valuable piece of gear that any skillful private investigator UK skilled would have and all our private detectives in the UK, United Kingdom, use only advanced photographic and video gear to record vital signs.UKSOL aspire to be the best private investigator UK, UK has available and to achieve this we use only state of the art spy equipment and gadgets, such as photographic and video equipment, listening devices and GPS tracking devices.If you are looking to hire private investigator services, as you are seeking some assistance with an investigation, look no further than to UKSOL who, with their vast array of human resources and first rate tools and equipment, will lend a hand and assist you in finding the best results.